My TEDx speech

Or the advantages of nobody believing in you!

I write this text now, May 2016, and I will like to present my case, my situation, or, simply, my story.

First of all, who impose your limits? Who decide what your target is?

My answer for these questions is… ME!

I am a lucky guy who enjoyed having only few people around and probably this is why nobody thought that I will succeed in life.

Let’s see why that happened! My parents always congratulated me for my grades in school and they never imputed me a minimum score or something similar or to try to give me something in return. No! They were happy with what I achieved; the most important thing was to promote the exams.

This was cool, right? No stress, but… other people think: “Hmm, no pain, no gain!”. Because this is in their minds!

When other people create expectations for you, they create boundaries and limit you.

Actually, the strongest people in world are not graduates of Harvard, Cambridge or people with solid higher education. They are people who have not finished a bachelor, people who were not able to do a lot in this way. Why is that? The most psychologists say that “they focused their attention on doing businesses and that’s why they didn’t accept some limits imputed by schools”.  Yes, it could be. But I think that their biggest advantage was that nobody had expectations from them and they had no limits on their developing. When you are graduated of an important school, people automatically create expectations for your future and your career and you join in to a vicious circle with limits imputed by others.

Instead, these people were free. Nobody set them limits. More than that, when they succeeded, everyone congratulated them! So, their satisfaction increases, first for professional achievement, but also in personal life.


I am very thankful to my parents who let me have my own limits and I am also very very thankful to everybody who thought that I will not succeed! Thank you everybody for my freedom!

In the end I will like to leave you with a quote: Sometimes I would like to transform into a man and to walk through world.

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