Important things happened in Romania

Let me tell you a few things about Romania, the country where:

  • The inventor of modern jet engine was born
  • The inventor of the ink pen was born and grown
  • The inventor of insulin lived ingoodwp.com_18720
  • First refinery in the world was built
  • The oldest human fossils were found
  • Mother language of Latin language was formed
  • The oldest civilization existed
  • The oldest written tablets in the world were found
  • Is Transylvania, Dracula’s Land
  • Timisoara is located, the first city in Europe with electric public lighting and horse-drawn trams
  • Peles Castle is located ,the first castle in Europe illuminated entirely with electricity
  • Is the largest building in Europe(second in the world)
  • Is the tallest sculpture in stone in Europe
  • Nadia Comaneci and Gheorghe Hagi were born and grew up
  • The richest gold resources are


The list does not end, but ppeisaj-romania-1024x550eople here have strong principles and beliefs, they care about each other, they have community spirit and that’s the way how they invented the word “dor” which express a missing feeling. They were the first nation who recognize Gypsies as being equal which shows tolerance towards different cultures. God really exists for them and they believe in Him. Bill Gates seemed to know all these because Romanians are the most numerous employees from Microsoft.

What I want to say is: without Romania, my dear reader, you couldn’t drive, you couldn’t fly, you couldn’t write, you couldn’t treat diseases with drugs or natural alternatives, you have not seen perfection. We are not in deserved place because we were “hit” from different points and our soul, ennobled with longing, dictated our actions and we weren’t greedy or fleshly dedicated.

I would like you to know, in the future that “ia” is a Romanian product, the painted Easter egg, that you are afraid to touch because is artwork, it is made by simple people, from country side of Romania.

Because I do respect your very mixed nation, I would like not to be discriminated, in the same way that I do…Do you know who you are and where are you coming from?


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