How can we put ourselves on the top?

Do you know, a lot of people sustain that our position is actually totally up to us. This means that we could decide how we are, where we are and where we will arrive. In fact, that’s true, but…

How can we determine our reality if we are living in an unreal world?

How can we decide what we want to achieve if the sustainability is not a characteristic of our times?

Because we improved everything so much that we are no longer able to realize where we live! Let’s see some realities like examples: we discuss with people from all sides of the world, but we don’t salute with the neighbor; the biggest time difference is between two islands that are side by side; the economy is a root which works only with large expenses; people who kill in the name of religion; you achieve what you want and then you want more.

These are only 5 examples, but I am sure that if you look around you will find other 5 situations/habits like these. And that’s sad!

But let’s go further. All of these things have same aim: to help us, to improve our lives, but we are so lazy that we prefer to take only what is bad. We have all of these tools which are able to help us, but, instead, we don’t have time to live our lives, to stay with our families, with our friends. And we are thinking that we don’t count, that other people are better than us and this things really affect us. Why?

But let’s see another point of view, how we choose this way instead of an “easy” way

triunghi-abcWhen you see this image, is it right that A is on the top and B and C are on the bottom, no? This is because we report ourselves from bottom, from a wrong place. We tend to see things like difficult to achieve, like that is not for us. Why we are not using the formulation with North/South? Why we are not putting ourselves on the top? Why we are not our own highest point?





Have you got what I am saying? All of these things influence our behaviors; all of these minds affect our beliefs.

Probably if we all understand exactly what love means and what is a war, if we all will start to see what is good in ourselves and if we will start to think how could something affect our lives, then everything will be more than “hunter or prey”.



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