EuroTrip: 6 capitals, 7 countries

Hey, look at me! I’m writing again!

After a period when I was really timeless, I’m back and hope to write how much I can. So, after that period… I left in holiday!

How you see in title, 6 capitals, 7 countries and around 10 cities in 16 days and 5000 km. I will write around 50 words about each city.

Sibiu, Romania    

First stop was in Sibiu, a great place to interact with Germanic and Hungarian culture in a Romanian environment. Brukenthal Museum it’s a must in Sibiu. In the Square you have many restaurants and teraces where you can have something to drink or to eat.



Budapest, Hungary  

At just 4 hours of Arad, Romania is Budapest. A great city, very well organised for tourists and with many interesting stories. From the Parliament’s building to the Fisherman Bastion, you can see the whole city. The Danube and the city’s lights offer a nice view during the night. After the main attractions (Parliament, Fisherman Bastion, Basilica, Heroes Square, etc) I really liked the Garden of Philosophy (close to the Szent Geller monument).

Balatonlelle, Hungary

After Budapest, the next stop was Balatonelle, a small city/village at Balaton Lake. There is not something impressive, but many people choose it for a holiday in family. It has around 1.5-1.6m depth, it’s clean and a peaceful vibe. There are many houses and pensions and few (few means 2-3) nice restaurants with a great food.


Ljubljana, Slovenia

„First time in Slovenia?” was first question on the street, in Romanian! It was a little bit strange, but the answer was like in Slovenian language: „Da!” („Yes”). Ljubljana is a small big city in an interesting country! So, Adriatic see, the Alps and a mediteranean climate. All of these help Ljubljana to be a great place for relax, where you can eat and drink and, why not, to walk. Oh, what a great idea in Preseren Square with a continuous rain!

Florence, Italy

Small cars, scooters and many Asian tourists! This is a short description of Florence. The place where you can find a big part of the global culture. Art is everywhere. You can smell it on the streets. Culture and pizza. And then the Fiorentina and Chianti wine. For sure Florence is the city of #cercatrova. Piazza Michelangelo- to be- and Ponte Vecchio- to see- were the most nice places. Of course, Palazzo Vecchio or Uffizi Museum are impressive!



Rome, Italy

The eternal city, probably the city with the greatest history. AMOR is the reverse of Roma. Yes, it is really spectacular. The city where you can visit everything. How long you will stay, you will see different things. Sea, historical areas, buildings, parks, ice cream, pizza, pasta, churches, free water (on streets), the Italians love to talk. 45 degrees few days, but surprisingly bearable!

Vatican City, Vatican City State

Yes, it’s a state. Officialy it is a state and this is why I considered it like a different country and state. Vatican is full of culture, too. Imagine if it was part of Florence, how many cultural artifacts was there. Still are many imposing pictures, sculptures, libraries and more. I was surprised to find cheap magazines and books at the Vatican’s shops. Cheaper than in Rome. The Sixtine Chapel is a must, but read about it before. Try to find all the „tricks” painted there.

Wien, Austria

Different weather, colder with 15-20 degrees than in Rome. It is the capital saussage country, Wien. It was interesting to see that Hungarians consider that Transilvanya (where is Sibiu, the first stop) is part of Hungary and St. Stephen who gave the name of the most important cathedral from Austria and one of the most impressive from the world is the founder of Hungary. Wien- for sure 3-4 days is the limit to reach all points of the city.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Last capital, my love Bratislava. Honey, we met again this year!  Tasty food, good beer, nice buildings. Nothing „wow”, but a great vibe, this is what I love to Bratislava. Recently discovered, the toilet of UFO Tower: an amazing view! I am looking forward for next visit there!




Sovata, Romania

The Ursu Lake is one of the largest salty lake from the world. Sovata is an excellent place for a holiday, where you can relax and eat! Forests, mountains, lakes, all of these will make from your holiday an excellent medicine! I ate a Szekler picking with duck. I highly recommend it!

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