37 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit Romania

1. So you think you should visit Romania because it’s beautiful?

2. Who lied to you? You shouldn’t visit it …

3. I honestly tell you: It SUCKS.

4. I’m serious!

5. Everything here is average and unexceptional.

6. Don’t expect to fall in love with the place.

7. Or to take your breath away.

8. Because it won’t.

9. It has common scenery.

10. NO underground wonders!

11. The waterfalls are awful and unmemorable.

12. Castles? All of them are dull.

13. Dracula’s legend is old… not at all interesting.

14. Cities are boring!

15. All of them

16. And the arhitecture? blah…

17. Not to mention the villages.

18. With no interesting history at all.

19. And no remarkable events.

20. Everything is so lame…

21. Even the beaches.

22. Don’t even get me started on the mountains.

23. And the Danube Delta? Not impressive at all, just a few birds.

24. Same goes for the lakes.

25. Transfagarasan is just an ordinary road.

26. Peles Castle has nothing to offer.

27. Neither has the House of People.

28. Not to mentions the Painted Churches of Bukovina.

29. Everything is so ugly and meaningless. Eww…

30. Bucharest has no class.

31. Oh my god! The souvenirs are simply repulsive.

32. And you have nothing to do here.

33. The tradition is below average.

34. Romania has no cultural heritage.

35. This hurts my eyes. Eww

36. What more do you want?

37. Just stay home, don’t bother. It’s a waste.

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