10 things which people are missing when they leave Romania

Maybe you know or maybe not, but Romania is a country from Europe. It is at the border between Central and Eastern Europe and it is the only country by this side with a Latin language.

People are coming and leaving, some like tourists and other like investors, but next are the top 10 things which they are missing when they left Romania:

1. The HIGH speed Internet

In Romania the high speed internet has a really high speed! It is the best internet from Europe and in top 5 around the globe. As I said, it is really fast (and very cheap, around 10$/month)!

2. Shops

In Romania you can find shops everywhere! From the large supermarkets to small shops which have newspapers and cigarettes, you have just to wish something and to have money because for sure you will find a place which has what you want!

3. Food

Of course, every country has tasty and good food, but the Romanian food is a mix! It is a mix between Eastern Europe food and Oriental food (don’t forget that Turkey is close to Romania). More, the history worked at that. Imagine that Romania is the gate of East to West. Every time when the Ottomans were going in Europe (to conquer it), they were passing through Romania. Because they stole the cows and raped the women, the Romanian cuisine had to adapt and they changed the beef with pork. But in Romania are many chicken, sheep and beef foods.

4. Women

Because the food is good, the women are the best. Make sense, no? Come on! So, Romania is well recognized for its beautiful women. This is based on Romania’s history, too. How I said before, Romania is the gate between East and West. Through this territory were passed many foreign armies who have left their mark. So, imagine that we have a mix in our nation between Ottomans, Russians, Germans or, if we are going more in time, a mix between Romans, Dacians, Romans, Tatars. All of these have created a nice mix visible today at our beautiful women.

5. Hospitality

When I am saying „h o s p i t a l i t y” I am taking into consideration two things: people are very friendly with the foreigners and wanted to make them to feel like „at home” and secondly, we have good services at restaurants and hotels, cheaper and better than in Europe.

6. Alcohol and cigarettes

You can buy alcohol by everywhere. And cigarettes, too! There are not special shops for that. You can buy them from grocery or from mall. And yes, they are cheaper than in Europe. Better maybe not, depends!



7. Polenta

You know it! It is a traditional bread. In Romania you can eat everything with polenta. Less pasta. Starting with fish and up to „sarmale” (which is a delicious Turkish adapted food which now is Romanian traditional food). Oh, you have to try something specific: Polenta with cheese and sour cream!


8. History

In Romania almost in all places are historical heritages, but Romanians don’t care about. For they is normal to have near their house a wall built 1,500 years ago (and it is old and looks ugly) or a pillbox from the First World War. Hey bro, did you know about Dracula? He is Romanian!

9. Diversity

Romania is the country of extremes. Its aim is to be normal. You can see on the street a Ferrari surpassing a carriage pulled by horses. Or the last model of BMW owned by somebody without a house. Because in Romania people are investing more in their cars than in their houses. Could I add something more? From mountain to see you can find nice hills, amazing valleys and one of the best Delta from Europe.




Dude, Romania is a place where are one of the best parties from the world! Amazing night clubs and huge international music festivals are just few examples for that. Everybody in Romania love to party and they do it at a high level. Drinking, dancing and having fun is something normal.


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